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We like to suggest to all of our clients on how to increase the life of your new gloves. Before using your brand new gloves make sure follow these tips.

1 – Unpack your goalkeeper gloves from the packaging and wash them in warm water. During the manufacturing process we used on the latex palm a substance of powder and washed them by some chemicals.

2 – Always store your gloves in a cool dry place – not next to any direct sunlight and not next to a radiator.

3 – Wash again in warm water after a match or training.

4 – Improve your techniques – goalkeeper coaching by experts to catch the ball using the right techniques.

5 – Learn about using the right latexes for right circumstances. There are many types of latex that are designed for different conditions.

6 – Use a different pair of goalkeeper gloves for training and a different pair for matches. Many goalkeepers buy a pair of goalkeeper gloves for training and a seperate pair for match play.

7 – Do not wash your gloves in the washing machine. Goalkeeper gloves are not designed to be washed in a washing machine – and doing so may ruin a number of features on the gloves.

8 – Do not dry or leave your gloves in direct sunlight as it will cause the latex to crack.

9 – Do not dry or leave your goalkeeper gloves to a radiator as this will also cause the latex to crack and they will lose their functionality